Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Assalammualaikum and Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Maaf Zahir Batin

    Hope you guys enjoy your Hari Raya with your family and love one… Me, I still can’t get my off day yet since the café was so busy lately because of the Hari Raya and school holiday…

  So, there a lot changes in this few days actually that I can’t wait to share with you guys… The café change a lots actually so fast and drastic but well all need to accept that is what unacceptable…for all benefit and good 

Cafe Branding New Look

Re-decorate   The Organic Tree of Memory 

Tree Of Memories 

Glass House - Semi Fine Dining 

Vegan Ice Cream

Premium Menu Just for The Special One

     The much more improvement and changes in the café actually from many side such as inter and external change. So many things to do actually regarding the café and few stuff intern of the big change. But it is for all good reason. Hope that, to those had read this blog and writing will try and come to this café and help me to promote to others friends and members...

   Thanks so much for keep and staying with this blog…Will be update more soon…Thank you so much. Take Care   


Friday, 23 June 2017

The Cafe - My Work Place -

Assalammualaikum and Good Evening to all…
Today I would like to share with you guys regarding my work place that is The Olijasca Nourishment Café. It was situated in 17 Jalan Sultan NAzrin Shah ( Jalan Gopeng ),30205 Ipoh ( slightly opposite of Impian Hotel )
For your information this café (Olijasca Café) is the nourishment concept café.  This café provide us the healthy way to enjoy our meal and dish according to our diet and need. Because in here we don’t use any artificial additive such as MSG, food coloring, flavoring and preservative. Mean, we try to bring back the method of cooking like our grandmother been using in the old way (they healthy way to cook and eat).  

Cafe Indoor Design 

Calm and Peace Attraction

Cafe Sign Board 

Simple and Elegant

      The owner of this café was tree sibling that is Olivia, Jasper and Rebecca Yow. They started to open this café on December 2015 officially. The café concept and deco are simple and elegant cozy. It is more to the organic style concept because the use of brown color and wood element. Most source of the food are come from our homegrown organic farm that is situated beside the cafe. 

     At Olijasca we served the simple healthy food that is easier for everyone to understand and try such as Jack fruit Burger, Olijasca Farm Salad, Jack fruit and Guava Spring rolls and many more. Every month we try to develop and create new dish to satisfy our customers carving and to ensure they enjoy dine in here.

    Other than that, we also providing space for any occasion and event to book and also providing large car park to customer’s. Here I attach you guys with some of our most favorite dish and the cafe Face Book for more inquire and information:- 

Face Book : Olijasca Nourishment Cafe

Private Canape Event 
Wine and Dine Private Event 


Birthday Party Buffet 

Birthday Party 

Wine and Dine 

Private Dining 

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Hello all,
      It’s raining here in Ipoh this evening, so not many customer during this peak because of that I manage to finish some of my task for today…But still a lots to re-do actually because lack of materials. Will continue tomorrow morning may be…hehehe

     For the next writing I will tell you guys briefly about my working place 
( café ) and our routine.
    If you had any idea or suggestion feel free to comment bellow ok...Here some picture to share with you guys what I had accomplish :-

Re-arrange Dessert Chiller 

Lemongrass Chicken Skewers
- Marinated Chicken Breast with moringga,pandan leaf and lemongrass -  
Rosella Cocktail
- Organic Rosella Juice and Sparkling Water -
I will update with you guys tomorrow ok..See ya 

Photo - Shoot

Hello guys…
Good Evening  All…
Here I would like to share with you guys some of our café gourmet dish that we try to RnD and custom made for our beloved customers and friend that dine in here.

Warning!!!! The picture might appetizing you guys because we still in Ramadhan ( fasting month )☺☺

Rosella and Quinoa Salad

- Pickle Rosella,Selected Farm Vegetable, Cherry Tomato and Honey Lemon Dressing -

Baked Sweet Pumpkin
- Baked Sweet Pumpkin and sprinkle of brown sugar and honey drizzling -

Guava Spring Rolls
Saute Guava with onion and seasoning - roll with spring roll skin 

Pan Grill Salmon with Rolls Eggplant
- Fresh Chill Norwegian Salmon,Eggplant and zucchini -

I will be update with you guys more later ok....
Hope enjoy the tempting foods photo...
Wish you all selamat berbuka puasa..
Leave me any comment or for more information can check my face book at Amer Reazal or my IG amer_reazal



Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Assalammualaikum and Good Morning….
So today I got few task to finish before go back: -
  • *      Food tag
  • *      Re-decorate  Cafe Glass House
  • *      Finishing photo-shoot for food and beverage
  • *      Pay-role and Leave Form for staff 
Only Simple Food Tag

Introduction To My Culinary Journey and My Kitchen and Farm

Assalammualaikum W.T.B. and Salam Sejahtera to all…
First if all, I would like to thank to GOD that always give me some space, time and opportunity to me to let me borrow this body and soul to share with you guys a few things, tips and some story from my culinary journey. 

     Also, I would like to thank to Akak Cik Nur that willing to teach me how to start blogging and having my own blog. Here I attach her nice blog for you guys to read and share with your friend nd everyone’s Generally, the blog was telling us about her life routine, passion, family and many great things that she face during her journey and travel also her personal life. For me it was a great pleasure to know her personally and getting some tips from her. She also does some review for my first café few years ago. Here I attach you the link   
     Hope that you guys will check the blog ok…
This will be my first write and review on this blog. If got anything wrong or mistake your kindly pleasure let me know and can suggest or advising me what to do or handle since I’m still beginner writer.
Last, that for all that supporting my hobby and carries as food lover and chef.


Amer Reazal

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The Inspiration and Mentor

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