Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Introduction To My Culinary Journey and My Kitchen and Farm

Assalammualaikum W.T.B. and Salam Sejahtera to all…
First if all, I would like to thank to GOD that always give me some space, time and opportunity to me to let me borrow this body and soul to share with you guys a few things, tips and some story from my culinary journey. 

     Also, I would like to thank to Akak Cik Nur that willing to teach me how to start blogging and having my own blog. Here I attach her nice blog for you guys to read and share with your friend nd everyone’s Generally, the blog was telling us about her life routine, passion, family and many great things that she face during her journey and travel also her personal life. For me it was a great pleasure to know her personally and getting some tips from her. She also does some review for my first café few years ago. Here I attach you the link   
     Hope that you guys will check the blog ok…
This will be my first write and review on this blog. If got anything wrong or mistake your kindly pleasure let me know and can suggest or advising me what to do or handle since I’m still beginner writer.
Last, that for all that supporting my hobby and carries as food lover and chef.


Amer Reazal

The Team
The Inspiration and Mentor

My Life Passion

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  1. Alhamdulillah. Akhirnya wujud juga blog ini. Teruskan menulis dan jangan berhenti 'berkongsi'. Rajin -rajin singgah di blog lain dan tinggalkan komen supaya blog ini akan dikenali. 😊